Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ill Gotten Gains

I am going to take the advice of TeacHer and Smallstepsforbigchange and put most of the money in savings ($1000) and use a small portion for debt repayment ($500).

I am also working on becoming more responsible with the little bit of extra money I get, so with the $400 I had left over after I paid bills I kept $100 for shopping and am going to make a $300 payment to my MasterCard.

This is how I spent the $100

$35 - Petsmart
2 boxes of cat litter (Need)
Cat Food (Need)

I saved $4 by using my PetPerks card

$14 - Jo-Ann
Fabric (Want)
Velcro (Want)
Insul-Bright (Want)

I saved $2.80 by using my 40% off coupon.
I am making coffee cozies as Christmas presents for my coworkers, each one will cost me $2.80 to make. Once completed I will post them on my other blog.

$39 - Walmart
Frozen Pizza (Want)
Frozen pre-cooked, pre-cut, chicken breast (Need)
Mozzarella Cheese (Need)
Chicken Slices (need)
2 Cadbury Chocolate Bars (Want)
Oreos (Want)
Ritz (Want)
2 packages of wraps (Need)
A Pomegranate (Need)
Cesar Salad Dressing (Need)
Parmesan Cheese (Want)
Sinkers (Want)

I am usually a Target shopper, since I am trying to get my financial life in order I have decided to get off my high horse and become a Walmart shopper.

I realized that I would stop wasting so much money on junk food if I would make and bring lunch to work. If you couldn't tell from my shopping list, this week is chicken cesar wraps and a little baggie of either Oreo's or Ritz. If I had only bought needs I would have saved $15. Maybe next time I wont buy desert.

As you can see I have decided to break everything I buy into the categories of wants and needs. This way I think of every purchase before and after I make it.


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  2. You seem to be managing your money pretty well. :)

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  4. Hello again.
    I've been a Wal Mart shopper for years. It's the only way I've been able to succeed.
    Did you know that Wal mart sells great (whole wheat & regular) pizza dough @.64. A can of diced tomatoes @.62 and low fat, part skim mozarella cheese @$2.88 a pound. I've been making my own pizzas for about $2.00 each. Everybody adores them!
    Frozen pre-cooked chicken is expensive. Can't you buy raw and make your own? We love chocolate buy buy 40 oz of Hersey's vs Cadbury or other imported brand. Baking cookies is cheapest (and healthier) but if you must buy Ores's, what about a store brand? (fruit makes a better lunch dessert). I also make my own salad dressings (read the labels-yucky! bethcha there's high fructose corn syrup in most brands). Have you priced kitty litter @Wal Mart vs Petsmart?

    If you don't know how to prepare above, rent a cook book from library.

    PS-what are sinkers?

    You could possible save over $100 a month if you just make some more adjustments. painless.