Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tax Season

Either you hate it or you love it.

Tax Season.

If you are someone who makes a lot of money and has to pay Uncle Sam you hate this time of year. If you are poor or middle class and get refunds then you love this time of year.

I am getting a refund of $800 from the government, $400 for my savings and $400 to pay for car repairs.

I know some people feel that it is bad to get a refund because it means that you are lending the government money interest free. My feelings are, I would rather lend the money then have to scrounge around to find money to send them come tax time.

Financially I have not been doing that great lately, I haven't been saving lately like I should. I have been purchasing things with my employee discount and using my extra money to pay off the balance. I think I finally am off the whole shopping thing and am ready to resume saving and paying off debt. To help keep me accountable I am going to start posting my monthly budget on the blog.

I need you guys to keep me honest.


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