Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minimum Payment Warnings

You gotta love the minimum payment warnings that credit cards come with, they are helping me plan my assault on the credit card demon that possesses me.

Awhile back I paid off my Master Card, since then I charged it back up and was carrying a balance on the store charge card I got for work. I am glad to say that I just paid off my Master Card for the LAST TIME, I am taking it out of my wallet and giving it to my mother to hold.

Next on my hit list is my American Express with the ridiculously high interest rate (29.99%). According to the MPW if I pay $126 per month I can have the card paid off in 3 years. That is to long for me, I want to have this card paid off in 1 year. That is going to be hard on a $1400 a month budget (remember, I have a pay cut coming any day now.) I am going to try to up my payment to $250 a month and throw any extra money I get at this card.


  1. Credit card companies should be taken out and shot 29.99% that is ludicrous. I agree with you 3 years is way to long I would be throwing everything into paying this off.

  2. Yes, they got away with robbery when the credit card act passed. I went from 11.90 to 22.90% and for no reason!