Sunday, October 17, 2010

726 Isn't what It Used To Be

I am sad to say that my car is back in the shop again and this time it may cost me all of my savings ($2000 down the drain). I started toying with the idea of buying a new car and decided to pull my credit score. Much to my delight my credit score has risen by 26 points to an all time high of ........


I was so excited that I decided to try and consolidate my student loan at a lower interest rate. Well, the student loan market isn't what it used to be, I could only find on company that was doing consolidations and they want a cosigner.

Then I decided to try to pre-qualify for a car loan, I am still waiting for a response.

I guess in today's credit environment a score of 726 isn't what it used to be. has a credit score simulator, you input certain scenarios and it tells you how it will effect your credit score. According to the simulator if I make 3 payments of $800 over the next 3 months my score will improve to the 731 - 771 range.

Time to rework my budget.

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