Friday, February 20, 2009

Goal Update

When I first started this blog I gave myself 5 goals.

  • Pay off 2 credit cards
  • Open Savings Account
  • Save $600
  • Pay Back Ex Boyfriend
  • Pay Back Sister
Here is how I am doing

1. Pay off 2 credit cards - 50% Done

Between my tax refund and my "free check" in June (if I still have a job) I should have a
second one paid off by July.

2. Open Saving Account - Done

I opened an Ing account and have budgeted $50 per pay check to be deposited in the
account. I also have a Way2Save account with my bank that puts $1 in a savings account
every time I use my check card.

3. Save $600 - 25% Done

I should reach this goal in 9 pay periods (June 26th).

4. Pay Back Ex Boyfriend - 50% Done

I owe him $200. I should have this paid off by April

5. Pay Back Sister - 0% Done

I plan to start paying her back once I am done paying back Ex Boyfriend

All in all, not bad considering it's February.

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