Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Been a Long Time, I Shouldn't Left You, Without an Update to Move You

I'm Back.


I have been demoted at my job, which means I am taking a reduction in my pay. I should be upset, but in this day and age I am glad to still have a job.

I now have to readjust my budget for my new lower salary. Time to tighten my belt.

I have done some research into my action plan and this is my status so far

1. Find a part time job - Looking
2. Look for a new full time job - On hold until I learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design
3. Add to my skills - Penn Foster offers certifications with low monthly payments
4. Find other ways to make money - I have been making a bag for my manager as a gift and
one of my co-workers ordered one. I also plan to open an online shop and see if I can sell
some of the bags I have made.
5. Continue to pay debt - Rework budget so I can continue to pay off credit cards.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Wow.
    Talk about a curve ball. You seem to be handling it well. Keep us updated and good luck! This economy is really frightening. Looking at your bars, you should be able to pay your debt off this year. Good luck once again

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear about that. I'm in a similar boat, except I wasn't demoted, just told I would be paid 10% less and my insurance wouldn't be covered as much anymore.

    I agree - I'm just happy to have a job, and I'm lucky that I have ongoing side-projects with my company that more than make up for the cut, but it's a tough world out there.

    Stay strong!!

    Also - not sure if you have a MAC, but they offer free classes in Photoshop and other programs in their stores. I do some light design work for my company and used the MAC classes to learn photoshop basics and ask specific questions for my job function.