Friday, July 31, 2009

1 Down, 3 To Go

As you can see on my side bar today I paid off my Master Card. It feels good to have one financial goal under my belt. This card will be going into the vault and will only be used to pay for my online course (automatic payments were cheaper) and it is in my budget for the next 9 months to pay those charges in full when they occur.

Next up is my American Express, if things go according to plan it should be paid off by this time next year.

Amex - $3440

August through December - $500
January - $800 (monthly payment + free check*)
February - $100
March - $1000 (monthly payment + tax return)
April through June - $300
July - $800 (free check)

Total - $3500

(I have taken interest charges into account)

* If you get paid every other week (apposed to twice a month) twice a year there will be months where you get three checks instead of two. That third check is your free check.


  1. Congratulations on paying off one card and good luck on your Amex!

  2. congratulations on getting your CC paid off! Looks like you'll make short order of the AMEX.

    I get paid bi-weekly and LOVE the months I get pais 3 times!

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