Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can You Afford to do Your Civic Duty?

I got an unwelcome piece of mail the other day. No, not a bill a jury duty notice.

I wasn't thrilled about it but it is my duty as an American. That is what I told myself until I found out that my job does not pay for jury duty.

No big deal, you say? Just take a personal day.

Well I work in retail and August is blacked out for back to school. I can't use vacation time.

Basically I am going to lose a day of pay so I can be a good American.

What happens if I end up on a case that last a week, what will I do then?


  1. I believe your place of employment is required by law to give you time off with pay for jury duty. I believe you can also ask for a postponement. I'd look into your local laws and also talk to HR.

  2. It's required by law to give you the day off… but it's not required that they pay you for it. Basically it just means that you can't get fired for going.

    The chances of you getting put on a long case are miniscule, since they will tell you how long they expect the case to be upfront… and if you're not going to be able to get paid, you can claim a hardship and they'll put you on a day or two long trial (if any at all). Jury duty sucks (a lot), but they're not out to ruin you.

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