Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Got A New Job

A few post back I talked about hating job interviews.

I took Small Steps For Big Change's advice and followed up with the position that was going to be vacant once the current person got promoted. To make a long story short, she got promoted and I now have a new job.

With the new job comes a new title (I am now a manager), a new pay rate ($35,000 per year), and a new schedule (good bye Monday through Friday). Now I have to come up with a new budget.

My new job pays weekly, that will take some getting used to. Getting paid weekly sounds good, but it means 4 (or 5) smaller checks instead of 2 (or 3) larger checks. Also, the new job is salary instead of hourly. I know some people feel that salary is better than hourly, but I disagree. I find that when you are salary, companies will work you to death and not have to pay you.

I am nervous and excited at the all at once.

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