Monday, December 21, 2009

Somethings To Think About

As I have looked over some of my old post I have noticed a lot of advice from reader Morrison. It is always nice to get much needed advice from someone that either has been in your shoes or has knowledge that can help you. Because of Morrison's diligence I have felt compelled to respond to some of her comments. Someone that was able to retire at 50 must know from what they speak.

In the post "I'll Gotten Gains" Morrison gave me some great ideas for what I can buy from Walmart for work, but also asked me why I buy pre-cut frozen chicken, Oreo's, salad dressing, and kitty litter from Petsmart.

1. Raw chicken makes me sick every time I handle it, I mean pass out sick. Once I fainted in the kitchen while pulling the skin off of a chicken breast. Considering I was holding a knife I'm glad I didn't impale myself. I will still buy frozen chicken but it wont be the pre cooked kind.

2. Usually I don't eat cookies, once in a great while I will feel the urge for a specific cookie and buy it. I usually buy the store brand, I honestly can't remember why I didn't that time, I was probably delirious by the low price. In the future I will buy the store brand or bake my own.

3. I never thought to make my own salad dressing, can you make Cesar at home?

4. I have had cats for most of my life and have tried all types of litter, Arm & Hammer works the best out of all of them (and I live with 4 cats), I never thought to look for it at Walmart. I'll have to in the future.

Sinkers was a typo, I meant Snickers.

In "New Budget" Morrison asked why I needed a land line and why don't I change my cell phone plan.

1. I live with my mother who is 66 years young (I swear she is in better shape then I am) and she is an avid believer in the land line. After a very active hurricane season a few years ago I became a believer too, cell phones don't always work. I did shop around and the plan I have with my provider is the best one available in my area, my mother would never let me cut off the land line, I use the Internet connection for my on-line classes, and T.V. is the one luxury I allow myself.

2. I looked into a new cell phone plan and I don't know what to do. I could change my plan to all text and $0.40 per min calls but that could end up costing me more than I am paying now. I also live in an area where cell phone coverage is not guaranteed so I am stuck with my provider for now.

In "New Financial goals" Morrison suggested that I buy a used car instead of a new car.

1. In making my budget for the next few months I became excited at how much money I will be saving and using toward debt repayment and decided I don't want a new car. I will maintain my current car until it can not be fixed anymore. When the time comes to replace the car I will buy a new old car off the lot (example - a new 2008 that is still on the lot in 2010), It will still be new but not brand new. I can't buy used, all I heard growing up is that an used car is someones trash. My entire family buys new cars, but we keep them for a long time.

In "Debt Gets In The Way" Morrison suggested Craig's list for the mixer and embroidery machine I want.

1. I don't buy used. Everyone has their thing, that's mine. I used to work for a major department store chain that sold the Sunbeam mixer and people were always returning them, I'd rather save up and get a good machine. I did not know Walmart had a comparable machine for less, I'll have to look into it. I also need to do more research on the topic of embroidery machines, I like the Brother machine because I saw it on HSN for $150 per month for 5 months with free shipping.

As far as the private student loan the rate does change, it is not fixed.

Morrison, I enjoy your input. Keep it coming.

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  1. Yes, you can make your own Caesar salad dressing. Once you do, you will never buy bottled again. I like Wolfgang Puck's recipe. Here's the link:

    I also have all his pots (well, most of them). He's fantastic!

    I understand about the landline and cell phone. But when you called Customer Service, did you ask about getting just a basic plan?

    As for a used car, you can buy a guaranteed used one from a reputable dealer (if they are still around) that come with warranties. Just do your own homework and do a CarFax on the car you want. Get the VIN number. You can do it online for about $14. You'll get the whole complete history on the vehicle.

    I still have my sunbeam. In the garage. LOL. 2 Xmas's ago I bought my youngest daughter a new Kitchen Aid from Wal Mart. It was around $165 or so. William Sonoma sells it for $250. Ugh.

    You have to learn patience. I wait and save up for many, many years before I buy something. And I always pay cash.

    I sewed flannel PJ's for my family this Xmas. With the brutally cold winter we are having, we are all warm & toasty! New flannels at the Gap or Banana Republic costs almost $50. I made drawstring PJ bottoms for about $8 a pair. Love them!

    Before you buy any packaged food, please read the labels. If it has high fructose corn syrup, don't buy it! It just makes you eat more and the pounds pack on. Try to get a product as natural as possible or make it yourself.

    Even though I have money now, I still live very, very frugally. It's all a matter of making choices. If you have goals, well, then we have to choose how we will spend our money. I still buy day old bread, or day old fruit and vegetables (I make a mean banana bread!) and every January I head out to a local supermarket, Shop Rite and stock up when they have their bi-annual can-can sale. I buy 6 months worth of products. I save a lot of money. So much so, that if I want to go to Europe, I can or remodel my home, or whatever. I never feel sorry for myself or ever, ever give up my dreams.

    "I'll get there" is my motto!

    You'll get there too!

    But you must be patient. It takes time.

    I've RSS your blog and look forward to reading your posts often.

    Good luck!