Friday, January 23, 2009

Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned........

It's been 4 post since my last confession.

I've been a bad girl this week. I went out to lunch not once but twice this week with some of my coworkers. $40 down the drain. At least I paid cash for these lunches.

I also charged 2 things on my credit card. I haven't charged anything in months.

My mothers birthday is on Sunday and I needed to get her a gift ($50 gift card to Barnes & Noble). Due to my bad planning I did not have cash on hand to handle the transaction, and I didn't want to give her an IOU until next Friday. After all, she let me move in with her in what was supposed to be her quiet retirement.

For myself I bought some clothing from my store ($70). I bought a sweater (marked down), a sleeveless turtleneck (also marked down), a blouse, and a sleeveless shirt. Did I need more clothes? Not really. But I did it anyway.

So, now I have $120 charged on a credit card. But I wrote my budget for February and will have the new charges paid for by the end of the month.

What is the penitence for this sin? 10 Hail Marys?


  1. You've got to live a little!

  2. oh no!!! lol you are doing just fine... dont' beat yourself up over it. if we dont' give in a little, you will totally go out on a spending spree! that woudl be a budget breaker!

  3. You really do have to give in from time to time or you will have a big spending spree. It's very hard to live uber-frugally 100% of the time.

  4. i totally agree with everyone, you have to give in a little bit. i deprive myself so much that i go bananas, once i start spending i can't stop. my current goal is to get that animalistic behavior under control. besides, think of the money you saved on the sales items. sigh, i'm an enabler sometimes.

  5. Thanks everyone. It's nice to have a support system.

  6. 10 hail marys and... well, you already tweaked your budget to ensure it is paid off. I think we have to deviate once in a while or we will go insane! lol. $120 can easily be forgiven. You do like the clothes you bought, right?