Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Followers

I have two new followers. Solargalaxy6 and Green i$ Black. Welcome to my blog. Hopefully this new year will see all of us meet and exceed our financial goals.


  1. thanks for the welcome! I'm enjoying your posts :) Good job shopping at Costco, I'm debating a membership myself. On one side, it seems like a great way to save on many of my grocery-store items, but on the other, do I really need 80 Eggos in one shot? I'm finding it easier to scour the store for 2-for-1 deals and specials. I'm going to keep doing that for now, but when it gets warmer in NYC, I might take a day to walk over and see what I can get!

  2. GreenI$Black, if you can find someone to split the membership fee with Costco (or Sam's or BJ's) can be a real money saver if you buy things that you needed anyway.

    Ex. A box of 16 Eggos cost $3.69 at the supermarket. I would have to buy 5 boxes to get 64 at a cost of $14.76 almost double what I paid. The same can be said for printer paper, printer ink, books, DVD's, even cars. They also have a food court that sells the best pizza for $2 per slice.