Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Far Would You Go To Be Debt Free

Would you sell one of your kidneys if it meant you could be debt free? How about your eggs (if you're a woman)? Or some bone marrow?

I was doing some research on debt repayment and found an article about a woman that sells her eggs for $10,000 a pop to pay off debt. I must admit, it peaked my interest, if only for a moment.

It got me to thinking.......

How far would I go?

In some countries the poor line up to sell organs for money, if we could do that here I wonder how many people would do it.

I don't like children and do not want any (I won't change my mind, I've felt this way since I was 12), why shouldn't I make some money off of my unused eggs?

I don't drink (my kidneys probably look show room new), why not cash in?

The moral battle wages on, but in the mean time......

How far would you go?


  1. This is a really interesting issue you bring up, and one we may be seeing more of as people struggle.

    I myself would not sell my eggs. (Although at 42, I am not expecting a line beating down my door, demanding to buy them.) I don't even have to consider for a moment, there is absolutely no way. I have children, and I am an adoptee, so I think both things influence my opinion.

    However, that is a highly personal decision. My opinion applies only to me. If someone else wants to sell her eggs, that is her decision to make.

  2. When I was in college, our college newspaper had a lot of ads about women selling eggs and I can honestly say I contemplated it. But the idea was short lived. The thought for $10,000 for me was crazy. I wanted to go shopping with that. And who knows MAYBE if I did it, I wouldn't be in debt...

    But yeah good thing I didn't and wasn't really serious about it..

  3. I'm apprehensive about selling eggs. I don't want kids now, but I may change my mind in the next 10 yrs. On the other hand, I would give up my healthy kidney for the right price. Seriously.