Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time to Pay Bills

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my pay stub this week. I thought my pay cut was going to be in effect and I budgeted accordingly, but I guess it did not go into effect in time.

I reworked my budget to fit my new (lower) salary. I deferred my federal student loan, the interest rate on my private student loan must have changed because my payment dropped by almost $100 (thank God), and I am working on lowering my electric bill.

New Budget

Pay Check 1 - $830

Student Loan - $556
Electric - $212 (Working on lowering this amount)

Total - $768

This leaves me with $62 for 2 weeks. $30 to fill my tank, that last 2 weeks and $32 for groceries.

My pay check was for $1085.

Surplus - $255

Magazine Subscriptions - $31 (I let the payment laps and was getting angry letters from them)
Book Club - $17 (I ordered a book about turning your craft into a business)
Target - $7 (I needed some lotion)

With the $200 I have left I am going to pay off some charges I put on my Master Card. Yes, I've used the card I paid off. I'm so ashamed, but I'm doing it so they don't cut the card off. I pay off everything I charge.

I also got my tax refund. I wish I could put my refund in my savings account or use it to pay down a credit card, but it has been earmarked.

Tax Refund - $995

Car Repair - $650
Sister - $245
Mother - $100

There goes my refund, but at least I was able to complete one more of my goals.

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